Stories from The Onion
An hilarious news parody site.  Click on this
heading to take you to my page with my favorite
Onion stories.

The Lazlo Letters
Parody letters written by comedian Don Novello
to various businesses, and their hilarious

You Are Worthless:  Depressing Nuggets of
Wisdom Sure to Ruin Your Day
If you are a reader of self-help books you might
find this as funny as I did.  I found it in a
bookstore while I was really bummed out and it
actually made me laugh out loud.  Click on the
link to go to my page with favorite excerpts from
the book.

Dogs Speak
This is not as corny as it sounds - I especially like
the Shih Tzu at the end.

Amusing Insults
I got this years ago - I highlighted my favorites
in bold.

Billboard Signs
Warning:  this has sexual references.

Jokes with Graphics/Images

Bad Jokes (Jokes So Bad They're Good)

London Airport Announcements
This is hilarious - trust me.  From the web page:

"We'd go and sit on the balcony at Terminal 3 at
Heathrow Airport, directly under one of the PA
speakers where we put a tape machine in a bag
with the microphone poking out of the top. Then
we'd look for a flight that had arrived in the last
40 minutes from somewhere where you'd
expect people with unpronounceable names i.e.
Saudi Arabia.

We would then go to the Airport Help Desk with
a pre-written note containing the names of
fictitious passengers and ask them to read out
the names over the PA system.

The passenger’s names looked innocent enough
on paper but they sounded like something else
when read out loud."

Parents who are smarter than their kids.


Fun stuff


My You Tube Videos

Debbie Downer at Disney - Saturday Night Live

This skit is probably my favorite of all time.  The
concept is funny, but what is even funnier is the
struggle the actors go through trying to stay in
character and not laugh.  Features Lindsay Lohan.

Annuale Pill - Saturday Night Live

Hilarious.  Starring Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler.

More Cowbell - Saturday Night Live

Will Ferrell in a classic skit about Blue Oyster Cult
song "(Don't Fear) the Reaper".

Get Off The Damn Shed! - Saturday Night Live

Will Ferrell in a great skit.

Sally O'Malley - Saturday Night Live

I'm 50!  50 years old.  Featuring Molly Shannon.

Spartan Cheerleaders - Saturday Night Live

Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri as the overly
enthusiastic duo - this time at a chess tournament.

Buckwheat Has Been Shot! - Saturday Night Live

Eddie Murphy in a classic skit.

That's Pat - Saturday Night Live

The androgynous character who keeps us guessing.
In this skit, Pat goes to the gym.

Black Jeopardy - Saturday Night Live

During the last month of election season 2016, this
brilliant skit points out that we are more alike than
we think.

Omeletteville - Saturday Night Live

Justin Timberlake proves he can laugh at himself in
this funny skit.

Brenda v. The Ring - Scary Movie

I love the Scary Movie films. They point out the
absurdity of horror films. This is a funny spoof on
The Ring.

Strange Wilderness - Shark Laugh Scene

I know I'm silly, but this cracks me up.

Family Guy - Superman's Housekeeper

Funny.  "Superman no here" and her classic "No,

Family Guy - National Association for the
Advance of Fat People

Peter tries to hold a meeting, but the fat guys
can't stop farting, eating snacks, and breathing

Philosophers Soccer Game - Monty Python

As a philosophy major, I especially love this.

AFLAC SEC Football 2014 Commercial

This commercial is silly but the ending always
makes me laugh.

Salt N' Pepa Geico 2014 Commercial

Great throwback for Gen Exers.  The scene in the
elevator is great - their dance moves.

"Countdown" Featuring Europe Geico 2015

Geico has some great spots.

"Caveman at the Airport" Geico commercial

My favorite Geico commercial of all time. The actor
does such a good job of capturing the emotions he
would feel.

Allstate "DIY Mahem"

2015 commercial starring Dean Winters.

The Guy With Bullet-Proof Legs

This skit was on Conan O'Brien.

Iowa Punter Trips Over His Own Feet

This was hilarious. Except for the hit he took after
he tripped.

The Old Zoloft Commercial I Love

I don't know why, exactly, but I love this
commercial. Maybe because the bouncing ball is so
cute and because I understand how he feels!

Grey Poupon Commercial from 1988

I have always loved this commercial, and used to
say "mmm...but of course" a lot in high school.

DirecTV TV Spot, 'Innovative' Featuring Jeffrey

Love the shrimp thrown on the table and that they
got "messed up" last night.

Time for Timer PSAs: "Hanker for a Hunk o'
Cheese" and "Sunshine on a Stick" (1970s)

I loved these PSAs when I was a kid.

Business People Are Clueless

Clever business meeting illustrating how hard it is
for an engineer to fit into the corporate world.  
Very on point.

stories from the onion

The Onion is a parody news publication/site that
is often hilarious.  Sometimes just the titles of
articles (or their parody magazine) are great in
and of themselves.

Here are some of my favorite articles:

1) "Amish Give Up:  'This is Bullshit,' Elders Say"
(June 19, 1996)

2) "New Study Reveals:  Babies are Stupid"
(October 31, 1995)

3) "Scissors Defeats Rock" (November 28, 1995)

4) "Tibetan Resistance Leaders Seize Yak:  
'Whatever,' Say Chinese" (March 12, 1997)

5) "Christ Announces Hiring of Associate Christ"
(May 7, 1998)

6) "Life Unfair" (April 30, 1997)

7) "Scientists Discover Gene Responsible For
Eating Whole Goddamn Bag Of Chips"
(September 1, 1999)

8) "Coffeehouse Encounter Results In
Conversation, Cunnilingus" (November 7, 1995)
(Sorry, I know this sounds tacky, but it is very
amusing - I couldn't help it!)

The 100 Greatest Headlines from The Onion