Collection of things that I find interesting.


Minnesota Bird Songs. Click on the bird to hear its call. 

A chart indicating reputable news v. biased/questionable news.

Interesting small space hacks.  I especially love the one where you cut the table in half to
fit it in a narrow hallway.

I always wondered what kind of things guinea pigs talked about when they were alone.

One site's ranking of the best universities in Virginia.  Wondering how many there are in
the state to begin with.  Mason ranked #7.

Man in New Orleans turns a gas station into a home.

Former Congressional staff member tells how to get your Congressman/woman to listen to

According to one source, traits of highly intelligent people.  True to a certain extent.

Quiz:  How Dangerous Are You, based on what you think about?  Me:  Very dangerous.  

Haunting illustrations of mental illness.  Pretty accurate depictions.

We couldn't stop laughing when this happened Saturday night.

Quiz:  Are you left- or right-brained?  Me:  55% left, 45% right.

Quiz:  What famous artist should paint your portrait?  Interesting quiz.  My result:  
Salvador Dali.

These clever photos show how much people look like their parents.

The world's most empathetic countries, according to a new study by Michigan State
University.  USA is ranked #7.

If you've ever worked on a team in the workplace you will appreciate this:  "How long it
takes to complete a task."  Clever.

The 50 college majors with the highest earnings.  Philosophy came in at #30.  Not too bad.

19 beautiful bookstores you need to visit in America.

Just in time for Halloween:  How to make a concrete pumpkin.  Very cool and easy!

Effect of exercise on the brain.  Different types of exercises affect different areas/functions
of the brain.  Good article.

The most incredible microscope images of 2016 reveal a beautiful, hidden universe.  
Beautiful images.

Just in time for Halloween: photos of people wearing creepy vintage costumes.  
Wonderfully creepy!  There are over 100 (go to next page); make sure you see them all!

38 hilarious tweets that perfectly sum up the second debate.

12 ways to be the most miserable person in the world.  Good article.

humorous but frighteningly accurate transcription of the second Presidential debate.

Intricate map of alternative music history.  Interesting to see which bands influenced each

A kitten playing with a dog's wagging tail.

Five quick tips that can help you determine if that science article is actually nonsense.  
Common sense, but most people are clueless.

The abandoned mansion that inspired the phrase 'Keeping Up With the Joneses'.  

10 incredibly interesting maps that prove our planet still has plenty of uninhabited places.  
Of course, the conditions may not be such that people could flourish there, but an
interesting map nonetheless.

The weirdest town names in all 50 states.

Cool product - ’50S-Style 3-IN-1 Breakfast Station.

Creepy abandoned Connecticut opera house.  It has a jail and offices
in the darkness under the stage - how dreary and abysmal.  And
remnants of crime scenes still on the floor - creepy!  I wonder how
the inmates felt about hearing the music above their heads all the
time.  It would drive me nuts.

40 honest advertising slogans.

50 artists raid a Polish scrapyard to build a collection of recycled
metal cars.

Serial killers who were never caught.

There are hundreds of pages of Netflix movie categories.  Here's a way to unlock them.

"It's Great To Be Alive!" 1950s grim safety manual.  Hilarious!

Why it pays to be grumpy and bad-tempered.

The last words of 15 famous serial killers.  

15 body language blunders successful people never make.  Good
article.  So "resting bitch face" is a BAD thing?

World's friendliest cities, according to Conde Nast Traveler.
A few southern U.S. cities made the cut, including the #1 spot.

Ever sat on a beach and wondered what's across the ocean?  This is
both interesting and surprising.

Commonly mispronounced words having to do with food.  A glaring
omission:  quinoa.

This infographic shows that 10 companies own all the world's brands.

Periodic table of modern art.  Also, summaries of art movements.

The minimum income it takes to live in each state.

The 25 cities where your paycheck will go the farthest.                    

Man takes photos of 4 sisters every year for 40 years.

Good article on Trump, written by the ghost writer of his book.

Article:  "Anti-Intellectualism and the "Dumbing Down" of America".  Very true and very
disconcerting.  Explains the popularity of someone like Trump.

Vocabulary size test.  Interesting.  

The best and worst states to make a living.

Disturbingly hilarious 7 year old.  

Funny cartoons depicting the reality of parenting.  Even though I don't have kids, I can
appreciate them.  

Amusing kid homework answers.

Post-mortem photos of celebrities.  Creepy.  Included:  Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Michael
Jackson, Ted Bundy.

Nail-biting photographs taken by brave photographers.

Amazing paintings.  An artist in Sweden.  They look like photographs!  Cool subject matter
too.  Check out the US Robotics modem with eyeballs!

8 signs that you are sensitive to energy.  Yes to all!  It is sometimes a great thing and
sometimes a very bad thing.

The minimum income it takes to live in each state.  No doubt Virginia would be higher if
the high cost of living in Northern Virginia wasn't offset by other parts of the state.

Nice story about a man rescuing a crow who now won't leave his side.

30 famous quotes you don't actually know.  Some are surprising.

Van Gogh's most famous paintings meet pop culture icons and the result is stunning!

Jamestown colonists resorted to cannibalism.  Ick.

Kids prove they have all the right answers.

15 cozy reading nooks.  Awesome!

20 funny tweets about food.

"The most accurate personality test ever made".  My result.

Hourly wage needed to have a 2 bedroom apartment in each state.

30 famous logos that have a hidden message.  Interesting.

Old dresser drawer hacks.  Creative uses.

12 death row prisoners' last meals.  Included:  Timothy McVey and John Wayne Gacy.

12 habits of the most productive people.

13 fucks you stop giving when you're a grown woman.

30 Post-It notes that cleverly depict adult life.

How to make an origami Darth Vader.

Incredibly preserved mummies.  Really cool.

Quiz:  Can we guess your age by your vocabulary?  Me:  68.

Best and worst things about each of the 50 states.  Yes, it is a bit embarrassing to be
from Alabama.

Quiz:  What is your brain good at?  Me:  linguistic thinking.

34 things about WWII that you weren't taught in school.  Interesting!

20 life hacks that you need to know.  Especially the one about public restrooms.

A hauntingly beautiful short animation about life and death.

Answer these non-political questions and they will guess your brain's political ideology.  
Interesting.  My results:  54% republican, 46% liberal, which is surprising, because  I am
definitely more liberal.

If you want your children to survive the future, send them to art school.  An article that
makes some excellent points.  Technology will make many jobs obsolete at some point.

Famous Van Gogh painting turned into bedroom for rent.  It's my favorite of his paintings.

Disney and surrealism come together for a Dali virtual reality exhibit.

These people deserve a raise for their attention to detail.  Very satisfying for those of us
with OCD tendencies.

Choose a mandala and discover what it reveals about you.  Me:  forgiveness.

12 signs you are in a healthy relationship.  My relationship meets all of this criteria.  :)

10 things you are definitely going to regret if you never have kids.  Captures my thoughts
on the subject exactly.  Things such as "being well-rested", "having more money", etc.

Quiz:  This 5 question test will tell what kind of genius you are.  Me:  Steel.

25 question personality test.  My result:  intuitive healer.

15 fashion hacks.

12 useful math hacks.  Really helpful.

13 dangerous bedtime habits that are ruining your sleep.

12 self-defense tricks to keep you safe.

Quiz:  What are you most inclined to be addicted to?  Me:  chocolate.

10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be.

Quiz:  What Century Do You Belong In?  Me:  Feudal Japan.  Here's why.

11 Common Cuddling Positions And What They Say About Your Love Relationship.  

Quiz:  Are You Smarter Than You Look? We Bet You Can't Pass This Test!  My result:  Ph.D.

Quiz:  Apparently only 4% of the population can pass this test, which I find hard to
believe.  It was easy.    

This 3-minute animation will change your perception of time.

Teacher uses legos to explain math to school children.  Ingenious!

Quiz:  This Color Blot Test Will Determine Your Dominant Personality Trait.  
Mine:  Compassion.

Quiz:  Can We Guess How Hippie You Are ?  Me:  100%.

Quiz:  What is your true personality color?  Mine:  Red.  Pretty accurate.

Quiz:  Which side of your brain is more dominant?  Mine:  Left.  I think I am a mix of both,
given my artistic leanings.  

The 25 most common grammatical errors in the English language.

An ingenious way to look more photogenic in portraits.

The definitive political orientation test.  My result:  Left Collective.  "You're on the left and
collective quadrant of the political compass! You value the role of big government in
providing all citizens with essential services and you believe that government's job is to
guarantee equality. You favor higher taxes on the rich and believe in more publicly funded
programs for the disadvantaged. You're sceptical of the free market and you think that too
much individualism is dangerous. You hold many communitarian values and you support
limiting certain individual freedoms for the good of society. You're compassionate,
idealistic and deeply dedicated to your community! You're a proud bleeding heart!"  This is
pretty accurate for the most part.

How to recognize a heart attack one month before it happens.

An astute and interesting article on the confederate flag controversy:  "Heritage, Hate and
the Juvenilization of Free Speech".  Very much worth a read.

"12 Signs You're Doing Better Than You Think You Are".  I was pleased to find out I'm
doing pretty well.

Clever business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate
world.  Very on point.  Every professional should have to watch this.

"Why We See the White Light Near Death".  Convincing. I wondered recently if NDEs were
simply a last surge of brain activity.

11 toxic habits that drain your energy.

What is your brain good at?  My result:  Creative Thinking.  "You can easily visualize
objects in three dimensions. You tend to think best when you are moving and you are
likely to be particularly skilled at working with your hands. You may enjoy building models
and making maps."

Color vision test.  Challenging.  I got one wrong.

16 hacks to make you a pro in the kitchen.

26 powerful quotes from well-known, successful women.  Some good stuff.  I especially
like the Maya Angelou, Marilyn Monroe, Rand, Roosevelt, and Rowling quotes.

"10 creepy kids' drawings that might make you reconsider having children".  Lol.

Man buys 10,000 undeveloped negatives at a local auction and discovers one of the most
important street photographers of the mid 20th century (nanny Vivian Maier).  Very cool
photographs and story.

Apparently tilapia is bad for you.  And they eat poop!  I have been eating a lot of it.  No

Say these 8 things to your child everyday and it will change their life.  Good advice; it
certainly would have made a difference to me when I was young.  

Quiz:  What are your five dominant character traits based on your visual preferences?  My
result:  strong character, reasonable, sociable and extraordinary!  (Wait - that's only 4.)  
Due to your strong character, you are a role model for many. You stay true to your
principles and have the guts to stand by it. It's in your nature to stand up for the weaker
ones, cause justice is one of your main concerns. You can't take conflicts very good. If two
people are fighting, you are usually the impartial third party trying to meditate between
the two and restore the harmony for the greater good.

5 hidden outdoor gems of Virginia.

11 national park curiosities.  I have added some of these to my bucket list.

The George Mason University Center for the Advancement of Well-Being published a good
article on how to increase your well-being.  Click here for the 10 tips.

Good article:  "How Popular Music's Lyrics Perpetuate American Idiocy".  Something I have
been saying for years.  And it's not just that the lyrics are insipid, but the music itself just

Baby spiders are falling from the sky by the thousands in Australia!

The 38 most haunting abandoned places on Earth.

Hundreds of WWII planes discovered at bottom of Pacific Ocean.  Awesome photos!

5 ways to stop letting your past control you.

Take a very interesting picture storytelling psychological perception test that has been
used to determine personality characteristics since the 1930s.  My result:  Realist.  "Based
on what you saw in these images, you are the realistic type. Some would say you are
pessimistic because you can identify the cause of many unpleasant situations, correctly
evaluate the current state of events and predict how they would turn out, based on your
practical, logical and solution-oriented thinking. Basically, you see things just as they are
and this doesn't make you a pessimist. You can successfully accept that sometimes things
don’t go as we want them to in life and you can easily adapt to that. You’re smart and
introspective: you tend to think of more than others do and can appreciate some alone
time. You are independent and persistent, you fight for what you believe in, making you an
inspiration to others."

21 Hilarious Asshole Cats Being Shamed For Their Crimes.  They are great!

How OCD are you?  I wasn't surprised to find out I am 90 - 100% OCD!  Fortunately, my
s.o. is the same way.  I hate it when things don't match, are out of place, or are in
disarray.  If my environment is neat and organized, it helps my mind be the same way.  I
make my bed as soon as I get out of it.  Speaking of which, see why this Navy Seal thinks
making your bed is one of the most important things you can do each day.  He makes
some excellent points.

The entire history of the world in one chart.  Amazing.  Click here for the article, and click
here to save the chart.

Can you name these famous paintings based on a small detail?  I got an abysmal 8 out of

"I can sum up marriage in these 11 texts I've sent my husband."  Humorous.

20 things to remember when you love a highly creative person.  Most ring true for me.

A very astute article on the contemporary art world and why it's a scam.  I couldn't agree
more regarding conceptual art and art collectors.

16 reasons why you should date an artist.  My s.o. agrees.

More awesome "she sheds" (women's answer to the "man cave").

The skin cancer detector that could save your life.

10 things happy couples do every day.  Happy to see we do them all.

What to do to save yourself if you are alone and choking.

140 square foot house.  I just love tiny houses.

"She sheds"; women's answer to the man cave.

41 insanely helpful style charts every woman needs right now.

Mom modifies barbie dolls to make dolls more realistic looking ("Tree Change Dolls").  
They go viral.  I just love the idea.  Be sure to watch the video.

Photos taken at just the right moment.

An excellent article appeared in the Washington Post about the dangers of focusing on
STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as opposed to a broader liberal arts
education.  Being a philosophy major, I agree that focusing too much on specific technical
disciplines rather than a more well-rounded education does not put future generations at
advantage in the world; students should be taught how to think creatively and critically
and not be limited to learning specific technical skills.

10 things you do NOT need to be happy in life.

Quiz:  Can we guess your IQ?  My result:  181.

422 free art books available for download from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

22 mind-blowing facts you didn't know.

5 things to remember when you are struggling emotionally.

22 astonishing places that are hard to believe really exist.

CPR for dogs; how to save your pet's life.

Unlikely animal sleeping buddies.

It has been confirmed:  the X-Files are coming back!

The 10 longest living dog breeds.

14 things only over-thinkers will understand.  Pretty accruate.

What is your dominant intelligence?  Mine is logical-reasoning, just like Bill Gates and
Stephen Hawking.  Not bad.

24 must-see diagrams that make eating healthy super easy.  Really helpful.

25 must-see diagrams that make cooking super easy.

30 places to eat in Virginia before you die.

What is your dark side?  Mine:  manipulative.

8 things emotionally stable people don't do.

Comedy Central roasts Justin Bieber.  You don't have to watch the video, you can just
scroll down and read the highlights.  Some pretty funny quotes.  (I especially like the Ellen

28 ways to bounce back when everything goes wrong.

The 7 habits happy people don't have.

An amazing and touching story:  see what happens when a doctor tells a woman her
newborn son didn't make it.

Couple buys an old, abandoned church and turn it into a house!

What gender is your soul?  Mine:  50% each.  That is consistent with my results on similar

How should you channel your pain?  Me:  Make something beautiful (art).  Funny thing is, I
only paint when I am happy.  I have tried to paint angry and didn't like the results.  
Depressed doesn't work either.  I think art therapy is great for a lot of people, but that's
not the case for me.

Research shows that intelligent people stay up late, do more drugs, and have more sex.  
You don't say?  Good to know my debauchery has a positive side.

These 7 things are supposed to happen to you when you die.  Some are consistent with my
near death experience.

New study links social anxiety to being an empath.  This is interesting, because I have
been complaining lately about feeling other people's emotions.  Something happened to
me in 2013 that caused me to experience this occurence, and that is when I started having
social anxiety and needed to omit some stimuli from my life (for example, I watch little t.

What does your name mean?  Mine.

More clever life hacks.

19 amazing libraries from around the world.

Dark secrets about flying as told by pilots and flight attendants.  Disturbing but not

How to change your attitude when you can't change your situation.

100 questions that will transform your life.  A lot to think about.  

NASA's Kepler discovers first Earth-size planet in the 'Habitable Zone' of another star.

Danish writer Mikael Wulff and cartoon artist Anders Morgenthaler – the creative duo
known as Wumo – have created a brilliant series of graphs that illustrate some of the
basic painful truths of everyday life in the Western world.  Their graphs and diagrams are
snarky and sarcastic but, for the most part, true. This, coupled with their simple and
official-looking design, makes them hilarious.

How much common sense do you have?  My result:  90th percentile.

How is your heart divided?  My result:  80% passionate, 20% logical.

Which old Chinese proverb describes your life?  My result:  "Love is not about possession,
it is about appreciation."  "You are one of the few people who actually has a good
perspective on love.  In the past, you were in some not-so-great relationships with people
who saw you as an object. You had to mostly agree with what they said, and you didn't
feel like most of your wishes were addressed.  It was tough to break out of this cycle, but
ultimately you've managed, and now you know that a lover shouldn't treat you like an
object, but as a whole person. You should be appreciated for the amazing person that you

This is really cool - look up any day to see what the world was like on that day (what day
of the week it was, what song was #1, what was in the news, what movies were popular,
etc.).  I found out that I was born on a Tuesday, among other things.

These facts will destroy your perception of time.  Interesting.

Stroke has a new indicator.  Take a minute (that's all it takes) to read this - it could save
a life.

There are 338 drive-in theaters left in the U.S.  Click here to find out where they are.

How ruthless are you?  Me:  quasi-ruthless.  "You are pretty ruthless - but only when it's
absolutely necessary. The fact that you had to think twice about some of those questions,
and not answer yes or no means that you have some dark and twisted things going on in
that head of yours. The good news is you are focused on success, self-improvement and
getting ahead in life, just try not to act out on those violent, revenge seeking impulses of

What kind of grammar nerd are you?  Me:  the Pedant's Grammarian.  "You may drive your
friends and family nuts, but you would make Strunk and White proud. You love enforcing
rules just about as much as you love the rules themselves. For you, grammar truly is one
of life's greatest joys."

Find out the #1 song on the day you were born.  "Honky Tonk Woman" by the Rolling
Stones was the #1 song on the day I was born.

The 20 coolest towns in the U.S.  I was happy to see, but not surprised, that Asheville, NC
made the list.  We loved living there.

29 surreal places in America that you need to visit before you die.

Another 1950s time capsule home.

Can you name 13 of these famous paintings?  I thought it was easy, but it might not be
for everyone.

10 tricks to appear smart in meetings.  Amusing.

9 qualities of people who are great at relationships.

10 things organized people do every day.  I was pleased to know that I do them all.

Funny mock flyers.

New research suggests that cats see things that are invisible to us.

House built in the 1950s that wasn't lived in until 2010.  Unused appliances that are pink!

Clever relationship complaint and response.

What most people get wrong about happiness.

Tiny homes made out of shipping containers.

7 month old Yorkie can do a plethora of tricks!

Dogs who are happy they destroyed the house.

Can you pass a tricky logical reasoning test?  I got 7 correct.  When I looked at the
questions the second time I realized my mistakes.  They're easy if you think them through.

Clever household hacks.

32 not-weird non-sexual fetishes you might have.  I have many of these and you probably
do too.

Why we're attracted to people who are wrong for us.  Makes sense.

Which U.S. state should you live in?  My result:  New York.

Ellen's Viagra commercial.

Which Keirsey Personality Type are you?  Professor David Keirsey divided all of humanity
into four key temperamental groups:  Guardian, Idealist, Artisan, and Rational. His
personality groups represent key human archetypes found throughout history and his test
is the most widely used assessment test in the world.  My result:  Idealist.  "You're an
Idealist! Idealists are abstract and compassionate day dreamers, activists, writers,
diplomats, counsellors and healers. You're the magician or medicine man of all the
personality types. You're a deeply emotional and abstract thinker with cooperative and
communitarian goals. You long for deep, meaningful relationships and you constantly
contemplate how you can help the common good. You're guided by strong personal ethics,
and you often have an ideology, cause, or way of viewing the world that you take very
seriously. You're easy going until someone challenges your values, at which point you can
be the fiercest of opponents. At heart, you're a natural healer with a great depth of
empathy for those around you. As an Idealist, you're in impressive company! Martin Luther
King Jr., Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Princess Diana, and Oprah are all famous examples of

18 things highly creative people do differently.  I was pleased to discover I do most of

Kids' lunches from around the world.  Some of these look great!

Another cool tiny house.

Can you answer these basic anatomy questions?  I got "anatomical genius".

Really cool kitchen gadgets for food lovers.

Fruits and veggies you should feed your dog.

The 10 most dangerous cities in America.

How good are your emotional instincts?  This one is really interesting - you have to choose
people by looking at their faces based on your instincts.  My result:  "You have the
absolute best emotional instincts!  You are very mature and smart, and you know how to
interpret your feelings into actions, and trust your inner voice.  You have the unique and
special skill that lets you know when you can trust certain people and when you need to
stay away from those who won't do you any good.  So far this skill has gotten you very far
in life, and we're sure that the best is yet to come for you!  So keep on trusting your
instincts and the world will keep smiling at you!"

Is your brain more female or male?  My result:  25% female; 75% male.  "Although your
mind is dominantly male, your mind's female side is the one that keeps you going! Life
hasn't always been good to you, you are no stranger to failures and struggles, but
throughout all that heartache, you still remain optimistic, positive, and hopeful that you
will make your dreams come true in the end.  We have faith and a little scientific
knowledge that proves you will succeed!"

Which major psychological trait dominates you?  My result:  Openness.  "OPENNESS
signifies that you appreciate art, emotion, and adventure. You are inquisitive and
unbiased, and your unusual ideas continuously nourish your intellectual curiosity. Your
creative, imaginative, independent spirit indicates a clear preference for novelty and a
variety of activities. You’re quick to understand things, full of ideas, and take your time to
reflect on things. Your score marks a tendency to be aware of your feelings, and shows
that you are most likely to hold unconventional beliefs."

Really cool and very easy project if it's legit:  transferring photos from regular paper to
wood.  I plan to give it a try.

17 honest Valentine's Day cards for couples with an unusual take on romance.

Is this true?  We're not supposed to put double spaces after the period at the end of the
sentence before starting the next sentence anymore?

9 common traits of happy people.  Good stuff.

Microscopic photos reveal the secret world hidden inside a few grains of sand.  Very cool.

What is your mental age?  Mine:  49.

What do the pictures you choose say about you?  My result:  artistic adventurer.  "You are
very artistic and you crave adventure. You strive to be a good natured person. You like to
put others before yourself, but you have to remember it's always good to treat yourself
also. You love nature and animals, and to be outside all the time. You have a fierce side
as well, but only to the people that deserve it. You have trust issues, because you have
been hurt so many times. You have a great sense of humor and there should be so many
more people out there that are like you. You are one of a kind."

6 foods you're reheating all wrong.  French fries, pizza, and steak are three.

What happens when you reply to Tinder guys with nothing but Ayn Rand quotes?  Funny.

What song will be played at your funeral?  Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  "Always
Look On The Bright Side of Life" by Monty Python.  "Some of the lyrics from 'Always Look
on the Bright Side of Life' that will be about your life: 'When you're chewing on life's gristle
/ Don't grumble, give a whistle / And this'll help things turn out for the best / And...
always look on the bright side of life'.  Loved ones at your funeral will hear this song and
remember your fun sense of humor and how you didn't take yourself too seriously. You will
be remembered for your easy laugh and funny stories about you will be told."

I took an "Are you a psychopath?" quiz and it said I "COULD be" one.  Between that and
the "Sadistic Personality" result I am a little concerned!

An ink blot test (Rorschach Test) gauges a persons personality characteristics, emotional
functioning, and can even detect underlying thought disorders.  Take the ink blot test to
find out who you are!  My result: sadistic personality disorder.  "You may have Sadistic
personality disorder! Sadism involves gaining pleasure from seeing others undergo
discomfort or pain. The opponent-process theory explains the way in which individuals not
only display, but also take enjoyment in committing sadistic acts. Individuals possessing
sadistic personalities display recurrent aggression and cruel behavior. Sadism can also
include the use of emotional cruelty, purposefully manipulating others through the use of
fear, and a preoccupation with violence. Comorbidity with other personality disorders.
Sadistic Personality Disorder is often found to occur in unison with other personality
disorders. In fact, studies have found that sadistic personality disorder is the personality
disorder with the highest level of comorbidity to other types of psychopathologic disorders.
However, sadism has also been found in patients who do not display other forms of
psychopathic disorders. Studies have found other types of illnesses, such as alcoholism, to
have a high rate of comorbidity with sadistic personality disorder. If you feel you have this
disorder, you should go get some professional help. It always helps to discuss your
problems, no matter how big or small they are, to someone who can be objective and give
you an honest and intelligent advice. Stay strong and remember to never act on any
impulse that you haven't given long thought about if you feel it's a dangerous one."  
Wow.  O.k., so these tests are more for fun than to be taken seriously.

What you learn in your 40s. Interesting article that is spot on.  It's nice to know I'm not
alone in my midlife crisis.

More life hacks.

What are you most inclined to be addicted to?  Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  
gambling.  "You're a risk taker, a thrill seeker, and true gambler at heart. You're an
adventurous personality! There's nothing you won't try and you pride yourself on the risks
you take. You have a wanderlust that few can understand and you're always looking for
something to challenge yourself. Your losses are big, but your wins are even bigger. Your
flight to Vegas is waiting!"  Ha.  Gambling is about the only thing I am NOT addicted to.  I
always calculate the odds and determine it's a waste of money.  I do like roulette,
though.  That's what I played in Vegas.  I always quit when I am ahead.

9 chivalrous habits of a true gentleman that make women melt.  Really good advice for you
men out there.

The secret life of passwords.  Interesting discussion about how passwords played a role on
September 11th when businesses and people were destroyed.  Even then life had to go on.

What color is your aura?  Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  Purple.  "Having a purple
aura means that you are sensitive and wise. You have great artistic and mental abilities,
as well as being in harmony and comfort with yourself. Purple is one of the most spiritual
auras, so you have a great awareness of yourself and perhaps of things all around you.
Congratulations! You are an amazing individual."

A man with Asperger's builds - for his cats - 100 yards of overhead catwalks in his house
and carved through the walls to create passageways for them.  Awesome!  He has an
important message:  that his Asperger's doesn't have to be a liability - it can be an asset.

Interesting perspective on standardized tests - the SAT, specifically.  I have always
thought that SAT scores were not a reliable way to assess a student's performance in
college.  The article also mentions some interesting facts about the "Big Three" colleges
(Yale, Harvard, and Princeton).

What color is your soul?  Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  Silver.  "Silver souls are
rare but they're also a level above everyone else. As a silver soul, you're wickedly smart,
but you have a little bit of shyness that comes with the gift of intellect. You see the world
in a sane and honest way so it's hard to be so sure of everything. Your brain excels at
understanding problems that are fascinating and intriguing. Your mind is immersed in
solving interesting challenges and exploring uncharted lands. You have an extremely high
chance of affecting humanity in some enormous way!"

What word in the dictionary best describes you?  Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  
Fascinating.  "Your genuine humility totally makes you stand out in a crowded room.
Everyone looks up to you and you're extremely smart, but you're still approachable due to
your warm demeanor. Your elegance, class, and down to Earth attitude is truly humbling to
anyone who experiences it."

What would the new year be without a silly quiz?  What famous poem was written about
you?  Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.  "It
brings you pleasure to find adventure wherever you can. You love to explore, the mysteries
of life, land, and sea. The legends of old and promise of knowledge keep you traveling on
and on.

'I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.'"

Atheists' 10 Commandments.  Interesting.

The top 50 cities you should see in your lifetime.  Only three are in the U.S.:  New York
City, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.  Vegas?!  Tacky.  And why not Washington, D.C.?!

The only 12 exercises you need to get in shape.

How much sleep do Americans get?  See the breakdown and results by city and county.

30 examples of inspirational classroom decor.

America's happiest and "unhappiest" cities.

What kind of girl are you? Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  tomboy.

How good is your grammar?  Take this quiz to find out.  I got 15 out of 15.

How long to nap for the biggest brain benefits.

17 jokes which only intelligent people can understand.

38 clever Christmas hacks.

25 people who will never escape their terrible Facebook statuses.

15 breakup texts that are more humiliating than heartbreaking.

There was an opening in the hillside, and what was inside took their breath away!

How the Amazon warehouse works.  Fascinating!

What French kids eat for lunch puts American lunches to shame.

Cook the best steak of your life.

Can you pass an anger management quiz?  I did.

35 most concerning autocorrect fails of all time.

What is your inner nationality?  Take this quiz to find out.  I am French:  "To say you
understand people and care for others charitably would be an understatement. You are the
kind of gem that people spend years trying to find. A deeply compassionate soul, you love
and help others altruistically. You have a genuine affection that is easily recognizable and
highly commendable. Honestly, we'd all want nothing more than to have more of you in
this world!"

The 7 weirdest things science has taught us about sex.

16 traits of highly sensitive people.  All are true for me except trouble making decisions.

What is your most dominant character trait?  Take this quiz to find out.  Mine is sensitivity.

35 genius life hacks everyone should know.

What decade do you belong in? Take this quiz to find out.  I belong in modern day.

Lasting relationships rely on two things according to this excellent article.

13 gifts to keep loved ones safe this year.  A few are lame, but there are some really good
ones.  I especially like the "Killer Ring" and "Wild Kat Self Defense Keychain".  The
portable car battery charger is great too.

10 choices you will regret in 10 years.  Good list.

30 fascinating historic photos you probably had no idea existed.  I've seen the Billy the Kid
photo before, but the rest I hadn't.  Highlights:  the glasses John Lennon was wearing
when he was shot; priest praying for Titanic victims before they are buried at sea; the
unbroken seal on King Tut's tomb; and Che Guevara and Fidel Castro fishing.

The 10 most conservative and liberal cities in the nation.  I was surprised Austin and
Asheville didn't make the liberal list.

I've posted a link to a performance by this 13 year old before ("If I Were a Boy").  Here
she kills one of my favorite songs, "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James.

What crime did you commit in a past life?  Take the quiz to find out.  I love these silly
quizzes.  Me:  Bank Robber in the Wild West.  "You were a true American outlaw in your
past life! You and your gang of robbers were notorious criminals of the Wild, Wild West!
Your face was on every wanted sign along the American frontier. Even under pressure from
law enforcement, you and your band of rebels were not deterred! You were able to pull off
several bank robberies throughout the Western United States throughout the late 1800's
until a fellow bank robber ratted you out to the authorities in an attempt to collect a
bounty on your head! You were thrown in jail, but managed to escape and became a
fugitive on the run!"

What's your soul karma?  Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  Wild Karma:  "You have
Wild Karma! You're here to experience, explore, break rules, go crazy and live life to the
fullest.You've suffered enough in past lives, and now its your turn to have fun! Your karma
has given you plenty of opportunities to live it up and we say: keep it up! You have a true
wanderlust and you're always ready to try something completely different! Never hesitate
to experience something new because your karma is all about adventure and exploration.
The more you explore, the happier you'll be! Are you ready?"  Damn skippy!

Someone posted this on Facebook - a short animation that shows what drug addiction is
like.  Very interesting.

What is your true personality?  Take this quiz to find out.  My result:  The Leader.  "As you
probably already know, you are a born leader! You are a very charismatic, passionate,
mature and calculated person. You are always there when people need you, you always
know the right thing to say, and you are always able to help.  Your sense for leadership
has gotten you far in life: You have a great career, amazing family and lifelong friends, but
you are no stranger to hard times as well.  You’ve had more than enough struggles through
life, and although it seemed very daunting at the time, your good spirit and amazing set of
skills has always helped you to overcoming them."

The top six books that will make you more creative.

30 things to start doing for yourself.  Good article.

Woman in Paris makes her tiny apartment (200 sq ft) seem almost roomy.  Very cool.

Take this quiz to see what political party best represents your views.  My results:  100%
Democrat.  I don't understand how any woman could vote Republican.  No one is going to
tell me what to do with my body.

Ever wonder how many days have passed since a certain date?  Now you can easily get
that answer on this website.  16,495 days have passed since I was born.  Pretty cool.

What is the true meaning of your birthday?  Take this quiz to find out.  I got Supreme
Intellect:  "You are remarkably brilliant. You are very thoughtful and you can solve hard
problems without a flinch. Your friends know that you can help them out with the things
they consider hard, but sometimes you don't want to be bothered. You focus deeply on the
things you consider important in life. But everyone agrees that you are an extremely
fascinating person!"

The 7 Most Useful Truths About the Mind You Missed from Psychology Class.  Interesting

50 Books to (Re-)Read at 50.

Personality test.  I took the official Myers-Briggs test in the early 90s and was an INFP.  
When I took the information test today I got ESFJ.  Hmmm...

Which 80s t.v. girl are you?  I am the Sophisticated lady:  "You are the matriarch of the
Huxtable Household, Ms. Clair Huxtable! A stern yet caring mother figure, your magnetic
and nurturing nature pulls others to you. You have a knack for seeing the potential in
others, and strive to help others whenever possible. Politics may get on your nerves, but
you have a genuine sense of equality both in governmental politics and societal standards,
which carries through all the way down to your relationships at home. The latter is, above
all else, what matters to you most, your loved ones."

Interesting food flavors we don't get to try in the U.S.  Most of these sound disgusting!

How good or bad are you?  Take this quiz to find out.  Apparently, I am angelic.  Who

How to become the most valuable player on your "team".

Which Jung archetype best describes you?  Take the quiz to find out.  Mine is the sage:  
"According to Carl Jung, the sage represents wisdom and the search for truth. You are wise
beyond your years, patient and a deep thinker. You're driven by a thirst for knowledge.
One of your greatest fears is being ignorant, misled, or duped. You're incredibly intelligent
but you risk over analyzing until you're incapable of actually making a decision. You're an
old soul and wise beyond your years, but Jung would tell you don't get lost in the clouds!"

Photographers sneak into London's underground world.  Very cool article.

Creepy, abandoned amusement parks.

Personality traits for first, middle, last, and only child.  Mine is pretty accurate (last).

What country best fits your personality?  My result was France, and it's pretty accurate:  
"You are a romantic who enjoys strolling through cobblestone streets and markets. You are
inspired by art and architecture, and thrive being surrounded by other artists and
intellectuals. You enjoy the bustle of a city, but also love spending time in the warm
countryside, sitting at a cafe, and having a glass of wine or coffee. Your soul is nourished
by being in nature, and by having deep meaningful conversation about love, art, and the
meaning of life."

A video of a 5 year old abstract artist.  This was on Facebook years ago.  Love it!

What is your subconscious obsessed with?  Take this quiz to find out.  Apparently mine is
obsessed with sex.  Why am I not surprised?

Beware of these tricks that make you look bad in meetings.

Check out the reasons you could be admitted to an insane asylum in the 1800s.  I'd never
get out!

Meteorologists are predicting record-shattering snowfall coming as soon as the end of

This is really cool:  a man renovating his home discovers a tunnel to a massive
underground city!

How much does it cost to book your favorite band?  Check it out.  Very interesting.

Web "Way Back Machine".  Enter in the URL for any website and see archived pages.  I
looked at my site from 2008 - 2013 and it brought back some nice memories.

20 historic photos restored in color.  Pretty cool.

17 things extraordinary people do every day.

If you put all humans in a pile, this is the amount of space we'd take up.  You'll be

8 ways to make a super healthy salad (and get the vegetables you need).  Great tips.

Rejection letters sent famous people.

Google tricks that will change the way you use it.  Very helpful information!

18 things creative people do differently.

Best and worst jobs.

You've been cutting tomatoes all wrong.  Watch this quick video on how to cut many at

Great story about a man who gave a homeless man a laptop - check out what he did with

Most people haven't heard of this place.  Safeguarding our future.

10 all-american foods that foreigners hate.

Rolling Stone magazine 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

40 bizarre historical photos.

100 Wise Words for Everyone.  An Econ teacher gave his high school students a list of his
wisest words and they make a lot of sense.

30 things to stop doing to yourself.

77 facts that sound like huge lies but are completely true.

Check this out:  A re-creation of a small town a long time ago in miniature that looks like
the real thing.

Things to remember when everything goes wrong.

8 Surprising historical facts that will ruin your concept of time.

22 things you are doing wrong.

map that indicates how much countries welcome foreigners.  Was surprised America
wasn't more friendly.

map demonstrating racial tolerance.  Countries in blue are the most tolerant of other
races, red the least.

Quick IQ Test.  I got a 140, which is supposed to be good, but I am bad with numbers.  I
have avoided math at all costs throughout my scholastic career.  The highest I have scored
on an IQ test is in the 150s.  I tried taking a Mensa pre-test once and really bombed it.

This website is entertaining.  See if your favorite celebrities are gay or straight (and the
percentage they are such).

View of map of the country indicating how much snow will cause schools to close.

10 most mysterious photos ever taken.

7 year old piano prodigy.  You've got to hear him play.  The interview with Ellen is cute.

Map characterizing the reputation of the individual U.S. states, based on Google searches.  
Interesting.  Surprised by Alabama.

Inadvertently inappropriate test answers from children.  Check out the last one.  I LOL'd!  
Here's more.

You can never be too happy.  Here's an article on "10 simple things you can do today to
make you happier" (backed by science).

You've got to read the reviews by this person on Amazon.  What a sense of humor!

This nearly brought me to tears.  If it doesn't warm your heart, you must be dead.

This moron never should have f-ed with this cat.

Guess who finally made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  Kiss!  I loved them as a
kid and still love classic Kiss now.

Really cool:  40 maps that explain the world (not a geography lesson - much more
interesting than that).

The reviews/comments on this $40,000 t.v. from Amazon are hilarious!

An abstract by Barnett Newman sold for 43.8 million in New York in May.  Just found out
about it.  Quite a victory for abstract expressionism!  When you see it, you are going to
shake your head.

Two monkeys were paid unequally.  See what happens.

These people re-created their childhood photos and the results are amusing.  I especially
like the one with the Dad giving the son a beer.

23 signs that you are an introvert.  I was surprised to learn that I do have some extrovert
tendencies.  I'm just a mixed bag overall.

Cats are so evil sometimes but I love them.  See why dogs and cats don't get along.

21 time-consuming activities/problems from the 80s that no longer exist.

Passive-aggressiveness at its best.

Take the Dr. Phil test - I scored a 47.

Are you left-brained or right-brained?  Take the quiz.  I am 56-44.

Test your knowledge of current news.  I don't watch t.v. or read the newspaper, so I scored
an abysmal 5 out of 13 correct!  Time to start monitoring what's going on in the world.

Internet anagram server.  Try your name and see what happens!

I love cats:  a deer and cat strike up a friendship.  Apparently they do this every day.

This is bizarre.  Keep your eyes on the cross.

Beloved children's classics as minimalist posters.

Funny "Be my girlfriend" note doesn't turn out as planned.

Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Prank - Parents tell kids they ate all of their Halloween candy.  
See their reactions!

Five drunk guys in France kidnap llama and take him around city.  Hilarious!

The whitest family photos!  These will make you cringe with delight.

Baby moved to tears when Mom sings to him.  So adorable.

The 100 Most Powerful Women in the World, according to Forbes.  Of note:  Melinda Gates
is #3, Michelle Obama is #4, Hillary is #5, Oprah is #13, Beyonce is #17, Angelina Jolie is
#37, and Ellen DeGeneres is #51.

Funny texts.

pill to improve relationships by making you closer.

10 most intelligent people in the world.

Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world.  Read why.

Incredibly timed photos!

Regardless of where you stand on the climate change debate, this video is interesting.  A
guy with a marker and a whiteboard simplifies the alternatives.  Skip to 1:28 and watch
from there.  Worth 5 minutes of your time.

Some great photos

Really cute:  Texts from the cat

An artist I really like - Annette Labedzki

A 13 year old girl who kills "If I Were a Boy"

The National - I Should Live in Salt - great song

Do you remember the 1988 Grey Poupon commercial?  It's my favorite of all time.

Remember the Mouse Trap game?  Here's a photographer's take on it - it'