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About me

I was born in Huntsville, Alabama on September 9, 1969.  I have two older sisters.  Our family moved from Alabama to Warrenton, Virginia in 1976 as my dad was working for IBM and they opened a new facility in Manassas.  (My dad suffered a major stroke in 1990 that forever changed him, and he died in 2008.)  I have lived in various places in Virginia most of my life, minus a 6 year period when I lived in Asheville, North Carolina and then North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I currently live in Annandale, Virginia.


I am a diehard lifelong fan of Alabama football. My oldest sister graduated from the University of Alabama, and went there when Bear Bryant was the coach.














Work and Education:

I have a B.A. in Philosophy and a Master's in Public Administration/Public Policy from George Mason University.

I worked for Edison Electric Institute – a trade association in Washington, D.C. - for electric utility companies – for 14 years; my last position was as a Manager of Program Services for the Utility Solid Waste Activities Group. In that capacity, I worked on hazardous materials transportation safety and security issues.

My primary interests are in public policy development relative to regulatory advocacy and public administration, whether that applies to government or non-profit organizations.

My dream job would be to work for the FBI as a Policy Analyst, specializing in juvenile crime prevention and community policing.



My hobbies include abstract painting, poetry, photography, hiking, geocaching, Dungeons & Dragons, and reading any non-fiction I can get into.  I read philosophy now and then. I love all animals and other non-human living creatures. (Well, except spiders (Granddaddy Long Legs are ok), gnats, mosquitos, and ants.)  




Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

A Forever Home Rescue Foundation

Friends of the Guest House



National Parks Conservation Association

The Skeptics Society

The Sierra Club

The Art League

National Museum for Women in the Arts


My Astrological Chart

My Dad did
this - without the aid of a computer program - when I was just shy of two years old.  Pretty
interesting to me as it is strikingly accurate on most accounts.


I have a tattoo of a phoenix on the inside of my left ankle and a tattoo of the symbol for the band Evanescence on my lower back (it is more than a tribute to the band, but it's too personal to mention here).

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